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Why Choose Casthub?

Transformative Experience

Transform the way you exhibit content without intricate setups and confusion. Let your promotions, presentations, and messages shine fluidly across multiple screens

Value for Money

Our transparent flat-rate pricing ensures maximum value for money, making CastHub up to 50% more cost-efficient than traditional per-screen models.

Simplicity Personified

Manage your digital displays with a few clicks using our user-friendly Smart TV app and online platform. With our user-friendly interface, you don’t need any technical expertise to create stunning displays. Produce captivating displays in a breeze

Simplify and Save with CastHub

Experience seamless content management across all your screens. CastHub makes digital signage for businesses of every size, as easy as it should be.

Save %50 with CastHub on Digital Signage

How It Works

Step-By-Step Guide

  • Visit the Pricing page and click “Sign Up”.
  • Create a username and password on the registration page.
  • Log in to the Dashboard.
CastHub User Registration Page

  • Log in to your CastHub Dashboard.
  • Click “Add Presentation” and fill in the details.
  • Upload your Images, videos and presentations.
  • Customize any settings and save.

  • Download the CastHub app from the Apple TVOS, Android, Amazon FireTV or Tizen app store.
  • Open the app and authorize your TV using the on-screen code via the instructions.
  • Your album will start casting immediately.
CastHub Rollout Digital Signage Step 3

  • Create TV groups for Locations or Offices specific content to selected TVs.
  • Upload Google Slides or PowerPoint presentations to feature travel plans, chore lists, and weekly schedules with ease
  • Display PowerBi Dashboards in your office space

Seamlessly Compatible with All Your Existing Hardware

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