Easily share key information
with your members and guests.

Your Content. Your Screens. Simplified.

Enhance your Worship Space

Religious organizations and community groups have so many things to share with their members and guests and are often missing a simple and easy opportunity to do so in their facilities.  

You can utilize the TVs or displays you already have in your church as effective tools for enhancing communication, boosting engagement, and enriching the experience of your members and visitors

CastHub enables you to easily manage content on TVs in your church from anywhere.  No more IT hassles or need for USB Flash drives and dedicated computers.  The simple-to-use and affordable solution you’ve always wanted is here.  

Use CastHub to turn your TVs into effective and dynamic displays for:

  • Announcements and event updates
  • Showcase member spotlights, birthdays, and community achievements
  • Assist newcomers in finding their way around your facilities
  • Display information about missions and donations
  • Highlight various small groups, ministries, and volunteer opportunities
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