Broadcasting a web page

Experimental Feature Alert:

Web Page Display in Playlists

We’re excited to offer you a sneak peek at our experimental feature — the ability to add a web page directly to your playlist! Please note that this feature is in Beta right now, and while we’re working hard to perfect it, compatibility with all websites cannot be guaranteed at this time.
Usage Recommendations:

  • Test Before Going Live: We strongly recommend that you preview and verify how the web page appears on your device before adding it to your live playlist to ensure it meets your presentation standards.
  • User Discretion Advised: Use this feature at your own risk. If a web page does not display as expected, it may be due to website-specific restrictions or limitations in the current version of our feature.
  • Please note that web pages will only load on Android, FireTV and Tizen (Samsung) devices, web view functionality is not available for AppleTV at this time
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